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Erasmus Visit Day 2

What a tiring day! We started with a visit to the Birmingham Council House to see the Lord Mayor. He showed us around his rooms with beautiful furniture and paintings.

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Later we got to sit in the seats of the councillors and even the chair of the Leader of the Council – sorry Sir Albert!

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Next came shopping – the Christmas market was a great place to buy souvenirs and presents to take home. The Birmingham Big Wheel gave a view across the whole of the city centre.



Some very talented ice skaters….. and some just learning -oops!

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Finally a typical English roast dinner, with stuffing and Yorkshire pudding – yum!

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Erasmus Visit Day 1

Our Turkish and Polish visitors arrived last night and Miss Coleman took them to their hotel for a good rest after their journey. This morning we collected them in the minibuses and came to school for tea and biscuits! The pupils met up with their host families and spent some time in class. The teachers talked……about schools!

In the afternoon at church,  Year 3 held a beautiful wedding service (pretend only!)  with some help from Father Solomon. Lots of photo opportunities.

After school the pupils went off to have tea and spend the evening with their hosts. The teachers went out to sample a a typical Birmingham curry! The Italian team arrived after a very long journey – 3 airplane changes. They needed to sleep so we will meet them properly tomorrow.

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Black History Week


The children in each class found out about a well known black person.


Have a look at Reception’s work about Bob Marley on their class blog  here


Year 2

Year 2 researched the life of Martin Luther King

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Year 3

Year 3 studied the life of Mahatma Ghandi

Year 5

Year 5 created a tribute to Sir Trevor McDonald. Take a look at their work on their blog here

Year 6

See what Year 6 found out about Floella Benjamin on their blog here