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Angel Express 2014

Year 1 and 2 told us the story of the first Christmas with some beautiful singing and reading. The dancing was out of this world!

Erasmus Visit Day 4

It was the last day of the visit and off we went to the Black Country Museum to see what life in Britain was like in the 19th century when the first industrial towns and villages were emerging.


We wandered through the  village and chatted to residents charismatic residents. There were trams to ride, games to play, things being made, stories to hear. We visited the mines and rode on the fairground, ate lunch in the pub and explored the tiny back-to-back houses and shops.

It was time to say goodbye as the Polish and Turkish teams headed off to the airport. …and finally the Italian team set off back to the hotel for their last evening in Birmingham.

Erasmus Visit Day 3

On Friday we started the day with a ‘Talk for Writing’ presentation from each class. We heard everything from traditional stories, persuasive letters, reports and even a speech by William Shakespeare.Then we took our visitors on a tour of the school while our children presented them with hand-made flowers.

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Meanwhile the teachers had a meeting to plan the next steps for the project. It took a lot of discussion to decide on the dates for our next visits,but we got there in the end.

In the afternoon, the children had a gymnastics lesson with a specialist coach, while the their teachers went shopping.

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Later there was much secret practice for the evening performance – a night of song and dance with contributions from each country. It was a fabulous show – have a look at the films on the next page. Halfway through we stopped for some fish ‘n’ chips – traditional English meal.

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Thank yous

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