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St Vincent’s – Winners of the Zone Games  at the Alexander Stadium – 19th June 2015

What a brilliant day!


Opening Ceremony Dancers

 Medal Winners

Outdoor Adventure Days

Year 2 Trip to Dovedale

We saw ducks and slugs and fossils and dragonflies as we walked along the River Dove from Milldale to Dovedale. We found some strange money trees and even spotted the Gruffalo’s cave. It was a bit tricky crossing the river but we made it just in time for ice-cream.

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Year 4 Trip to Edgbaston Reservoir

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Year 6 Trip to Pike’s Pool

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50 days after Easter, we celebrate Pentecost. God sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples to fill them with all the gifts they would need to do the job He had asked them to do – to tell everyone in the world the good news that Jesus is alive and he loves each one of us.

We wrote our prayers on the symbols of the Holy Spirit.

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St Vincent’s Garden Centre

Year 1 and 2 have been learning all about plants. They decided to open their own Garden Centre to show us what they had found out. Here are some pictures of the grand opening. The children were wonderful hosts and looked after their visitors very well. They even made soup and fruit kebabs for us.

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Father Solomon’s Inauguration

On 1st May Canon Pat Browne came to St Vincent’s to officially present Father Solomon to the parish and install him as the parish priest. The children sang beautifully. The Eritrean community sang and danced……and Father Solomon joined them on his drum. At the party afterwards there was an Eritrean coffee ceremony – it smelt delicious!

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