Monthly Archives: November 2017

Technology Experts

Safwaan, Abigail, Kye and Gloria spent 3 weeks making this moon buggy for their theme work on Moon Man. It has a motor and can go backwards and forwards. It was really difficult and they had to keep adapting it until it worked.

David and Goliath

Thank you year 4 for a beautiful assembly this morning teaching us all about how David persevered to overcome Goliath and how the inventor, Thomas Edison, struggled to overcome his difficulty with reading. They are great examples of what we can achieve when we don’t give up.

Boccia Team News

Well done to our Boccia team who had a great day out playing against other Caritas School teams. They were great, even though they have not long learned how to play!

NSPCC in School

Thank you to the NSPCC for a really helpful assembly and class workshops about how to keep ourselves safe.

Red Cross Training

Year 6 were very lucky to receive a session on first aid from the Red Cross. Here are some photos of us learning basic skills:


Challenge  1

Design a capsule for Eggonaut’s safe landing

Challenge 2

Who can build the tallest spaghetti tower?


Year 5 and 6 are learning how to be palaeontologists.

Life on Earth

Year 3 and 4 are trying to tell Moon Man all about how human stay alive and how our bodies digest food. These m

ind maps helped!

Our Senses

Year 1 labelled their bodies to show how they sense the world.

Lighting Up Time

During the Tin Forest Theme, Year 3 and 4  investigated how light travels and how shadows are made.  They identified lots of sources of light, including the sun.