Monthly Archives: February 2018

Multi Faith Week

Pop in and have a look at the displays of children’s work about world faiths.

Year 2  went to visit a Sikh Gudwara.
Year 5 visited a Buddhist Vihara
Year 3 went to Central Mosque
Year 4 went to Central Synagogue
Year 6 will be going to visit St Chad’s Cathedral later in the year
Year 1 will be going to the Shri Venkateswara Hindu Temple next week

Ash Wednesday

Our Ash Wednesday Mass this morning was beautiful. The children sang their hearts out and answered all of Father Solomon’s questions. We have put away the Alleluia now for our journey through Lent

Pancake Day!

We enjoyed our Shrove Tuesday celebrations today. Sadly the teachers discovered not everyone can win. Never mind Mr Davis.

We heard the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. We are going to think about what we can do to show our love for Him during Lent.


Today each class chose a Spanish-speaking country to study. We sang songs, studied geography and language; tasted Spanish food and looked at artists, clothes, music and dance. Thank you to Ms Fernandez for helping us.