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Monday Prayer

Last week on Ash Wednesday it was the beginning of Lent. Did you make a Lenten promise? It’s not too late to make one now.  Maybe you could promise to do something extra each day, or give up something you like but don’t really need.There are some ideas on the Lent Blog.

During Lent  this year, we will be joining with Dan and Emily from OneLife Music for our daily prayer.

Today we remember that we are the people of God. He chooses us and he calls us.


Monday Prayer

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus taught us how to live by his stories and by his example of love. People listened to him and trusted him. Your teachers are very important. They help you to learn about all sorts of things.  Who else helps you to learn? Family or friends perhaps?

Many of us are not able to go to school at the moment because of coronavirus. It can make us feel sad and sometimes lonely.  Here is a school in Bagladesh. Can you draw a picture of you in your classroom to remind you of your teachers and all your friends?

Some children live in places where they can’t go to school even when coronavirus isn’there. it isn’t safe for them to travel  or the school is too far away. Some  schools have no roofs, so when it rains the pupils and teachers  get wet. Some schools  have no seats and it is hard to get books, paper and pencils.

Let Us Pray
God of hope,
through your Son Jesus you teach us to love and care for all our brothers and sisters
wherever they are in the world.
Help us to work together with others to make sure
that all children have a chance to go to school and dream of a brighter future.

Let’s sing together: