Refugee Week

The theme for Refugee Week is Simple Acts to help people know they are welcome and loved in their new homes and schools and communities. We are going to try and and do 20 simple acts during the week.

1. Share 20 second message of welcome

This was the message we tweeted this morning:

2.  Put up a ‘This School welcomes refugees’ poster.

We put these all around school. We found out that lots and lots of our families – children and staff – are refugees or have refugee ancestors. Everyone is welcome.

3. Consider becoming a School of Sanctuary

We are proud to have been awarded School of Sanctuary status and we will keep planning new ways to be a place of safety and welcome.

4. Share one of 20 refugee stories

We heard the story of Julianne and her mother from Zimbabwe. Julianne’s mother had to leave her because she was in danger . She lived in an orphanage where she didn’t have enough to eat and people were cruel to her. Finally she escaped and she and her mother came to England. Julianne was new and frightened and anxious but things are getting better and people are trying to help her. She is a fighter and a survivor.She says no matter how much she had  suffered she knew one day she would be accepted and she would be a shining star.

5. Share a walk

Year 3 shared a walking journey with Sister Eleanor from CAFOD .

6. Follow a refugee journey

Year 5 and 6 worked with Sister Eleanor to try and understand what it is like to have to leave your home. Here is their story:

  • We can only take 6 items with us!
  • We have now packed! We will take one final look at our home because the driver is in a hurry to take us to safety!
  • The load is too heavy to carry! We have to decide to take the heaviest item out.
  • 3 family members can no longer carry their bags. How do we decide what we will still manage?
  • Now we have to give our money to the fisherman so we can travel.
  • We have thankfully come to the end of our journey but we felt: anxious, degraded, depressed and traumatised.
  • Finally the children prayed thoughtfully for all refugees.

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7. A Poem in 20 Words

Year 3 wrote poems about being a refugee. They had to stick to 20 words – tricky!

8. Cake Sale

A group of children decided to organise their own cake sale to raise money for refugees.

9. Sing a song

Year 1 learned a song called ‘Home’ and thought about what it would be like to have to leave their home  behind.