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Multi- Cultural Day

It felt like the whole world was represented at St Vincent’s today.

Thank to all the families who cooked such declicious food. We had three different coffee ceremonies from different parts of Africa. We loved seeing your presentations. The children learned some new dances and drumming patterns.  What an amazing day!!

Our Heritage

The children were challenged to creat a display about their family heritage. These are superb!

St George’s Day

Happy St George’s Day to all of us!

Today, 23rd April, we celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of England. Many other countries also celebrate this day including Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Croatia. St George was born in Turkey. He was martyred because he refused to deny his Christian faith. Now people turn to him for protection. Find out more here.

Thank you to cook Mrs Finnegan, for our delicious St George’s Day menu today.


Year 5 and 6 Welcome Event

Year 5 and 6 have been working hard all this term, thinking about the Dignity of the Human Person. They have explored how people sometimes have to leave their homes and travel far away. They found out about being an evacuee in war time in the United Kingdom. They discovered how difficult it is to be a refugee,leaving behind everything you love and making a new start.

They decided to hold a Welcome Event and practised making simple food including bread and soup to serve to our visitors. Today’s menu included 4 types of bread and 4 flavours of soup!

We were all delighted to have so many guests arrive from City of Santuary and St Chad’s Sanctuary as well as some of our own parents.

They children performed The Carol of the Bells and a poem, Everything Touches by Roger McGough,  and we were honoured to have a performance of a poem, The Colour of Home,  created  by a group of writers from Stories of Hope and Home. (You can read it here)





Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who donated items for our harvest collection this week. It was a beautiful mass with amazing singing from the children. Some of our Pupil Chaplains came along to present the food to St Basil’s where it will be used for young people and families who are homeless.

Caritas Christi Citizenship Awards

Year 6 have been working towards this award, using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as a guide in their daily lives:

love    joy    peace    patience    kindness    goodness    faithfulness    gentleness   self-control

Here are our Gold award winners receiving their medals at St John Wall Catholic School along with our Year 6 friends from the Caritas Schools.