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Black History Week

What an amazing week!

Have a look at the class blogs for more photos and information.

Year 1

Sang a hymn about Moses which reminded them of Harriet Tubman!

Year 2

Year 2 learned about Mary Seacole and made non-fiction books about her.

Year 3

Year 3 learnt about the Apartheid Era in South Africa

Year 4

Harriet Tubman, the Moses of her people

Year 5

Coming soon…….

Year 6

Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space.


Spanish Day

We’ve had a fantastic day celebrating all things Spanish today. The children have really impressed me with their speaking skills. They have danced, sung, eaten and conversed with great confidence. Their baking filled the school with the delicious aroma of bread. Thank you to Miss Coleman and Miss Velazquez for organising the day.

Here’s a challenge for you – which Spanish artist were Year 6 studying?

Erasmus comes to Birmingham

Welcome to our visitors from Italy, Turkey and Greece!

Day 1 – Arrivals

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Day 2 – Stratford Upon Avon  and the Barbecue

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Day 3 – A Trip to London

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Day 4 Carnival Day at St Vincent’s

It’s party time. St Vincent’s parents were out in force cooking their national dishes. We ate and sang and danced!  But it was time to say to goodbye to our Turkish friends  with presents…

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Welcome to St Vincent’s

Some English dancing

Year 3 dance the Labada

Year 4 dance to a playground song

The choir entertained us.

A tricky one from Year 5

Reception and Year 1 sang Jump Jim Joe

Year 2 sang John Knackaknacka

Year 6 led the Bungalo

Farewell and safe journey

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Greek Day

On Friday we celebrated Greek Day at St Vincent’s. We wore blue and white, the colours of the Greek flag. We found out lots of information, especially about Heraklion in Crete where our friends live.  We watched some Greek dancing and had a go ourselves. In class we wrote stories  in the style of a Greek myth. Some of us painted pictures of the characters  or buildings we had read about. Others made clay pots and tiles or jewelery.

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St Vincent’s Abroad

Day 1 of our trip to Heraklion.

All packed and ready to go. A quick drive down and lunch at Luton Airport .Then off we flew. Arrived in Crete about 10.15pm local time and the girls went off to meet their host families. Sleep well everyone!

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Day 2

A day of dancing and music. The girls performed their English Square Dance wonderfully. Beautiful weather and food ….mmmm.

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Day 3

A visit to the Bronze Age archaeological site at Knossos this morning. Then we worked with our friends to make memory books about our project. Off for some free time this afternoon. 2 of the girls are playing Monopoly …. in Greek!

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Day 4

We started the day at the Aquarium – sharks, jellyfish and enormous lobsters. Then off around the island to see Elounda – the home of the rich! then Spinalonga and finally lunch at the beautiful sea lake at St Nikolaos city.

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Day 5

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. Thank you so much to our hosts for making us so welcome. We hope to see you very soon in Birmingham.

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