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St Vincent’s Community Garden

Our allotment project has grown and grown. We are very grateful to funding from INEOS which has helped this to happen. Well done to the team of parents who have been working with our gardener, Claire Witcomb, to plant this year’s crop. It’s looking amazing.

There are  nasturtiums and courgettes and pumpkins and sweet peas growing well around the willow dome. Giant potatoes are loving the compost bin shelter There are lots of ladybugs and bees to be seen. Tomoatoes, rocket, rapsberries and lots of herbs are coming along nicely.
This week the team have harvested loads of spinach.

Multi- Cultural Day

It felt like the whole world was represented at St Vincent’s today.

Thank to all the families who cooked such declicious food. We had three different coffee ceremonies from different parts of Africa. We loved seeing your presentations. The children learned some new dances and drumming patterns.  What an amazing day!!

Our Heritage

The children were challenged to creat a display about their family heritage. These are superb!

Action for Creation

Thank you to our pupil champlains who led our prayer  services for this day of action. We learned about recycling our waste fruit and paper.  At lunchtime we all shared a simple lunch of baked potato. We had a compettion to see which class could leave the least waste. The winners were Year 4 with zero waste, closely followed by Year 2 and Year 5.

The children wrote pledges for what they are going to do to help reduce waste and stop climate change.

St George’s Day

Happy St George’s Day to all of us!

Today, 23rd April, we celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of England. Many other countries also celebrate this day including Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Croatia. St George was born in Turkey. He was martyred because he refused to deny his Christian faith. Now people turn to him for protection. Find out more here.

Thank you to cook Mrs Finnegan, for our delicious St George’s Day menu today.



The “Jerusalema” dance challenge started when an Angolan dance troupe recorded themselves dancing to a hit track by DJ Master KG and vocalist Nomcebo in February. Since then the song from South Africa  has gone around the world and been endorsed by presidents and priests has become the sound of the pandemic for millions across southern Africa.

See how St Vincent’s rose to the challenge here.