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Live Simply Parent and Child Workshop

Wow! We had 30 families  in school this afternoon all finding out more about living simply. We learned about reducing watse and making compost. We potted up lettuce and cabbage to take home and grow. The we emptied all the class fruit bins into our new compost heaps.

Making Bread

Year 6 had their first go at making bread today. There’s a lot to think about!

Caritas Christi Schools Science Fayre

We descended on St Paul’s on Tuesday for an amazing day of science and investigation.

The Mad Scientist started by making dragon’s breadth. Then he showed us how to see air …. with a lot of fire and smoke and vortex generators.

Later on we took it in turns to present our own work. We taught lots of schools what have leaned about making our model volcanoes erupt. St Teresa’s showed us how to make shadow puppets. St Gerard’s showed us how to make electrical switches. St Paul’s taught us about acids and alkalies and St Clare’s showed us how to make slime – yeugh!



Show Me What You Know

Well done to all the children who entered this competition. The entries are displayed in the hall. The quality of work was amazing, with some beautiful and creative ways of showing your knowledge. Prize winners to be announced soon.

Technology Experts

Safwaan, Abigail, Kye and Gloria spent 3 weeks making this moon buggy for their theme work on Moon Man. It has a motor and can go backwards and forwards. It was really difficult and they had to keep adapting it until it worked.


Challenge  1

Design a capsule for Eggonaut’s safe landing

Challenge 2

Who can build the tallest spaghetti tower?


Year 5 and 6 are learning how to be palaeontologists.