St Vincent’s Catholic Primary
School Curriculum Map

Welcome to another exciting, innovative year of enquiry based learning. We have re-designed our themes to reflect the changes in the new 2014 National Curriculum. Below you will see an overview of the themes your children will be working on this year. Our investigation learning has been planned around the new Science Curriculum. Each term children and teachers will work together to solve problems, answer questions and develop the skills the children need to become life-long learners!

New themes begin with an immersion. A problem or unusual occurrence is set up to intrigue the children, get them asking questions, spark their imagination and provide a purpose for their learning. Each theme ends with an opportunity for the children to share their leaning or show that they have solved the problem. This may come in the form of a presentation, an exhibitions, a performance, a film or a product.

The learning journey is exciting and child centred. The curriculum is enriched through visits and varied learning experiences at school. Children will work as individuals, in groups, whole classes and at times in joint classes. Our learning is documented in our theme books which the children take great pride in creating.

Below you will see a detailed outline of Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Computing, Geography, RE and PE.

To give the children more ownership of the curriculum, the Art and Design Technology skills will be planned with the children throughout each theme.

Music will be integrated throughout the year with focus on pupil interests and popular culture. Specialist music teachers work with some classes.

Spanish is taught for one hour per week by a specialist teacher.

Throughout the year we will be having focus days or weeks which will include our infamous International Days. On these days you and your children are the experts, sharing with facts and stories of your home countries, culture and histories. Other events include: Multi-faith Week, Black History Week, Art Day, Science Day, Outdoor Adventurous Days, Road Safety Day Poetry Day, World Book Day