Monday Prayer

Each year the Pope writes a World Peace Day Message. This year he wrote about how caring for one another and for creation is important if we want to work for peace. He says that by teaching us how to look after other people, Jesus shows God’s love and care for us
To explain how we all have a role to play, Pope Francis asks us to think about all being in a boat; we all need to row together to reach our goal – peace

Copy this picture into your book and  write in the boat different ways that we can show we care for one another and spread peace.

A Prayer for Peace



The “Jerusalema” dance challenge started when an Angolan dance troupe recorded themselves dancing to a hit track by DJ Master KG and vocalist Nomcebo in February. Since then the song from South Africa  has gone around the world and been endorsed by presidents and priests has become the sound of the pandemic for millions across southern Africa.

See how St Vincent’s rose to the challenge here.